Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Flexible Car & Van Leasing!

Flexible Car Leasing is very similar to Long Term Car Rental but generally cheaper. It also doesn’t have the commitment of a conventional 2/3 year contract hire or lease.

Flexible leasing is a great way to get a newer car or van, especially if you are a new start business who hasn’t got a credit history or filed annual accounts. Its great for those taking on members of staff who are on probationary periods or maybe on a temporary employment contract. Flexible contracts also work well as pool cars, courtesy cars and even individuals who are on salary sacrifice schemes.

As well as Flexible Car & Van leases, we offer the following products & services:

Delivery and Collection

Our cars and vans can be delivered anywhere within England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Delivery is charged at a nominal rate, this covers us for fuel, man hours and transport back. If it is your first car, we must deliver this to the address that’s on your paperwork, this is part of our underwriting process. If you are an existing customer, you can collect or drop off your car to our site in Derby. We are just 10 minutes away from Derby Train Station, which is covered by many routes including East Midlands Trains and Cross Country Trains.

Business Start-Up’s / Non-Status

If you are a new Business Start-up or Non-status, let us know, we can help! Even if your company has not submitted its annual accounts yet or has no trading history, we can still look at helping you. We have helped many businesses over the years with vehicles, until there position is such, that they can take on a standard contract hire agreement, we can help with our list of 12 funders to migrate you onto a longer term contract.

Should you be a new start business give us a ring, We will ask you to complete a credit proposal form, which we submit to our underwriters. They may ask for additional information about your business and/or Directors involved. Occasionally contract terms may need to altered due to the risk element, this maybe Directors Guarantee’s, Higher Refundable Deposits, Higher Initial Rentals, Higher Rentals or even a mortgage charge, or a combination of all of these.

For more information, give our sales team a call or send us an email via our Contact Us page.

Poor Credit / Adverse Credit / CCJ’s

We look at everyone’s circumstances differently, so if you do have CCJ’s, poor credit or missed payments on your credit history then we may still be able to help, but please do let us know about it. Our underwriters are very good at looking at everyone’s situation and the main thing they are looking for is affordability.

We have had it in the past where someone earning just £10,000 per annum has applied for a BMW X5 at over £2,000 plus VAT per month. On this occasion the customer was offered a vehicle, but one that was more affordable.

Bank Statements and sometimes references maybe required for the underwriters, it is always best to send in the account where your main source of income is coming in.

As everyone’s circumstances are different, we may alter the contract terms. This could be higher initial payment, refundable deposit or higher rentals to cover the risk, we may even ask for a guarantor, should you fall behind on payments. It could be a combination of all of these.

Should you need any further information, please get in touch via our contact us page.


All of our vehicles need to be insured fully comprehensive by yourselves and/or your business. You can arrange this via the internet or via an insurance broker. You will need to arrange this before delivery takes place and all documents are logged onto our system called Prohire and regularly checked against the Insurance Database.

Should you struggle with insurance, we recommend Simply FA Car Insurance. As our insurance affiliate they know exactly what cover is required, all you need to do is let them know your personal details and they will arrange quotes and if needed, the cover.

We can provide vehicles with insurance cover if needed, but the costs of these are generally higher than those on our Flexible leases. We can also not guarantee the vehicles that come with the insurance. These are generally taken on a group basis. EG. Group A can be a similar vehicle to: Fiat 500, Hyundai i10, Toyota Aygo, etc.

Vehicle Types/Models

We offer special deals on the vehicles listed on our Flexible Car Leasing website, however we have access to a much larger fleet of vehicles, many of which can be delivered as soon as the next working day. We generally offer prestige brands, but we do offer cars such as VW Polo’s, VW Golf’s, BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, etc.


The majority of our Flexible Car and Van leases come with full maintenance and even tyre provision. This does not cover accidental damage to the bodywork and/or the wheels. But more for the servicing items.

When a service is due, all you need to do is give our office a call, let them know your registration number and they will give you instructions on how to sort this out and get it booked into a local dealer.


Tyre provision is included on the majority of flexible car and van lease contracts. However, accidental damage such as punctures, kerbing of wheels, etc in not included. Tyre insurance can be added by one of our affiliates, please contact us for more information.


Manufacturer breakdown cover is included on Flexible Car and Van leases to manufacturers time frames. Should the time frame run out, you can add breakdown assistance for a nominal charge. Alternatively, swap your vehicle for a newer version.

Breakdown Assistance numbers can usually be found in your handbook or on the back of the tax disc holder. Alternatively, call our office on 01332 290173. Should the call be out of hours, listen to the automated service and choose the correct manufacturer and the system should put you through to the relevant service.


Every car and van on the flexible leases come with the manufacturers warranty. In the unlikely event that your vehicle should breakdown or a fault occurs, then you can contact your local dealership to get the work fixed. It is down to your dealership to provide a courtesy car or a collection, this is always subject to availability and we cannot be held responsible for providing a temporary car.

European Travel

We allow European travel in our flexible lease vehicles. But before you leave the country, please contact us to provide you with a VW103 Certificate (Charge applies). If you don’t obtain one of these on-hire certificates before you go, the vehicle maybe confiscated. All customers are responsible for providing the vehicle with European Breakdown Assistance, this needs to cover recovery back to the UK.


Initial Payments can be made by Credit Cards (Surcharge applies), Debit Card (Free of charge), Bank Transfer or soon via Paypal (Surcharge applies). We do not accept cheques or Amercian Express.

We also do not accept any cash for initial payments, should cash be accepted with permission a charge applies. This is due to the bank charges that are inflicted on us by Royal Bank of Scotland.

For regular payments, we accept Direct Debits. This is handled by Eazipay who collect Direct Debits from customer accounts on our behalf.

Cheques will only be accepted for payments if you are a large corporate, public sector or government entities. You must have permission to do this from our team, before the car is delivered.

Charges such as Congestion Charges, Toll Charges, TAG Fee’s. Parking Fines and Administration charges, will be taken within 14 days of the date of invoice. More information about fines, etc, can be found below.

Fines and Admin Charges

Congestion Charges, Toll Charges, Speeding Tickets, Parking Tickets will incur additional administration charges. This is due to the cost, paperwork and administration in processing these tickets and making representations into the hirer’s name.

All of the tickets that we process are completed and sent via recorded post to the relevant authorities and parking companies, where applicable.

The amount we charge is specified on the contracts and/or rental agreements. Payment for these will generally be taken via Direct Debit or if applicable from any refundable deposit held on account.

Should you wish to dispute the parking ticket with the parking company or parking authority, you will need to do this direct with them once the paperwork has been received. However, you will still be charged the administration fee and/or costs regardless of any disputes.

Other Questions

Should you have any further questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate in Contacting us via our Contact Us page or ask a question, using the form below:

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