Why commit to 2 or 3 years, when you can affordably opt for a flexible car lease or vehicle subscription.
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Short-Term Leasing

6 to 12 Month Car Lease Deals

If you don’t mind some commitment, short-term leasing can provide the benefits of a traditional car lease, but without the long-term contract lengths. With our short-term leases, you can change your car as often as every 6-months.

They can also work out cheaper than our flexible car subscriptions, although maintenance isn’t standard on these fixed leases.

Due to how we work, we have multiple offers available on our short-term solutions, these vehicles are generally pre-configured, brand new and can be delivered from stock in around 1-4 weeks. Delivery is included free of charge in England and Wales.

Latest Offers

9 Reasons why a short-term car lease is great for business users...

  1. Cost-Effective: A short-term car lease can be more cost-effective than a long-term lease or car ownership, as the monthly fee typically includes insurance, maintenance, and other expenses.

  2. Flexibility: Short-term car leasing provides the flexibility to switch vehicles as business needs change, without the commitment of a long-term lease.

  3. Reduced Risk: By opting for a short-term car lease, business owners can reduce the financial risk associated with long-term commitments and fluctuations in market conditions.

  4. Improved Cash Flow: By reducing upfront costs, short-term car leasing can help improve cash flow for business owners.

  5. Access to a Fleet of Vehicles: With a short-term car lease, business owners have access to a fleet of vehicles, allowing them to choose the best vehicle for each job.

  6. Maintenance and Insurance Optional: You can easily add maintenance to any of our short-term car lease deal for true fixed cost motoring.

  7. Tax Advantages: In some cases, the monthly fee for a short-term car lease can be tax-deductible, providing additional savings for business owners.

  8. No Depreciation Costs: With a short-term car lease, business owners do not have to worry about the depreciation costs associated with car ownership.

  9. Increased Productivity: By eliminating the hassle and expenses of car ownership, short-term car leasing allows business owners to focus on running their business and increasing productivity.

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If you’re interested in taking one of our short-term car leases, please call the team on 0330 330 9425 or use the CONTACT FORM at the bottom of this page. You can also click on the vehicle details to find out costs and apply online.

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